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Secret Healing of Nautilus Seashells

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Today the world is possibly the most enlightened regarding health and wellness that we have witnessed in history. Super foods such as spirulina, quinoa, kale and acai can be read on most menus. Even my parents are making green smoothies for breakfast. There is also a new awareness and movement towards yoga, meditation and the holistic properties of crystals. In chartering this ancient philosophy of wellness there is a lot to absorb.

One incredible naturally formed object that holds holistic properties that is still a bit of a secret is seashells. However you don't eat them to get the benefits, you wear them.

We can all relate to the healing and soothing qualities the ocean embodies. As a human when we put our head beneath the surface a huge cleansing occurs. Essentially we are going back to the source. The human body is made up of approximately 75% of water and the ocean covers 71% of the earths surface. Imagine the energy and cleansing properties a seashell takes on living beneath the oceans surface for most of its life.


A great example of this is the Nautilus Sea shell. The Nautilus Shell is a living fossil that has survived in the Earths oceans for over 500 million years. Before the shell parted ways from its owner it was once the protective home to a distant cousin of the Octopus and Cuttlefish, a Cephalpod. The Nautilus shell is the emblem of beauty and proportional perfection and an example of Sacred Geometry and the Golden Ratio of (Phi).


Holistic Properties of the Nautilus

The Nautilus Shell embodies the element of water and intern enhances these living qualities such as cleansing, purification, and healing. Known for deflecting negative energies, the Nautilus also purifies the surrounding space and attracts loving energies. The shell may be used to assist in meditation and invokes calmness, provides strength, balance and renews the physical energy.

The Nautilus Shell, particularly the Natural Nautilus Pendant in the  'Jewels of the Sea' Collection, is a great tool to use for meditation. Please view below for instructions.

Meditation Exercise

Turn the pendant up so you have the cross section of the shell facing you. Quiet your thoughts and focus on the beginning point of the spiral. With eyes open follow the spiral round and round, like a staircase as it opens to larger and larger chambers. Close your eyes and continue the exercise imagining you are very small at the beginning of the spiral climbing the stairs to the chambers. When you feel you have experienced the upward turning of the spiral look back to the center and reflect how far you have climbed. Now relax, reflect and write down any knowledge you have received from the Nautilus and its accumulated 500 million years of growth and wisdom.

Thank you for reading this article by Mermaid Collective Founder, Victoria Patchell.

Mermaid Collective has several Nautilus pendants and rings in their collection.

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