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About Us

Mermaid Collective's mission is to share our love and passion for the ocean, while protecting and nurturing its sustainable future. Based in Byron Bay, Australia we are passionate about creating community amongst ocean lovers worldwide and providing ethical and beautiful totems for you take your love for the sea wherever you may go. We proudly donate a portion of our proceeds towards marine conservation projects. Currently we are involved in a coral replanting program in Indonesia. We are a movement founded on ocean love, conservation and integrity. This is the vision Victoria Patchell an Australian Marine Conservationist, designer, surfer and fellow ocean lover. 


“The beauty of the natural world lies in the details.”
— Natalie Angier
Mermaid Collective Founder, Victoria Patchell
We believe at Mermaid Collective by appreciating the beauty of nature, such as the intricate detail on a seashell, a profound respect and understanding is developed which promotes the desire to preserve and protect that which we value.
When you purchase a Mermaid Collective product, know that a portion of the proceeds of your purchase goes towards the following environmental initiatives;
  • Reduction of plastic bottles to the focused region and promotion and support of recyclable alternatives.
  • Beach clean ups.
  • Waste management, such as recycling programs and generating ease of access to trash cans on the foreshore.
  • Collating species in the marine environment to monitor growth and demise.
  • Environmental Educational Seminars for community members.


C L E A R  Batukaras Beach Clean Up
Mermaid Collective is Australian Owned & Designed from Byron Bay, Australia. Each jewel from the sea is handmade with love at our design studio in Indonesia. By supporting Mermaid Collective you are supporting underprivileged communities in Indonesia and the surrounding environment.
Founder Victoria Patchell as Marine Volunteer on Shark Research Vessel


If you would like to get involved in Mermaid Collectives environmental initiatives please email

Mermaid Collective founder has a sister travel company called Indigo Surf Escapes. Come and join the Indigo team for an off the beaten track surf and yoga experience of a life time in locations in Indonesia, the Maldives and South Africa. Check out for more info. On these incredible adventures is where Victoria finds inspiration for the design of the jewellery and the shells it showcases.

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