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It's important to us that you feel confident with your sizing when purchasing one of our creations whether it be a ring, bracelet or necklace. With that being said if your ocean treasure arrives and its fit isn't exactly as you hoped please don't hesitate to contact us we always do our best to make you happy. It's best to email us at and one of our Mer-Angels will be in touch. 

We make unique and beautiful jewellery for all sizes and ages and have prepared the below tools for you to know your best size to order. 


We have prepared the perfect tool for you to assist you on your journey of choosing the most perfect ring size. 

Download and print the Mermaid Ring Size Guide.




Our bracelets are all hand made with lots of love and mostly made in one size range to fit most, however we make a small/medium or a medium/large in some designs. If you have a larger wrist or smaller wrist just get in touch and we will recommend the best size for you. 


Our chains are very popular and for good reason. We make them 3 way adjustable in either a shorter length (50cm), this length is recommended for wearing nearby your collarbone and being 3 way adjustable you can find the perfect length that suits you and alter to suit different outfits. 

Our longer chains are the perfect length for wearing around your solar plexus which looks great with many of our pendant designs. These are also 3 way adjustable and can be made longer and shorter so you can get your perfect length.

Happy shopping Mer-Babes. We hope the above information assists on your journey.