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The legend of Poseidon and King Neptunes Trident is that it was most likely forged in Brass. Therefore we felt called to create some limited edition treasures in this unique and ancient metal. 

Brass is an alloy, a mixture of Copper & Zinc, Copper around 66% and zinc 34% and very little amount of few other metals like Aluminium, Aluminium makes brass stronger & more corrosion resistant. Brass has long been a popular metal for decoration for its bright gold-like look. That is why it has been used for making jewellery from ancients times.

According to medical professionals, wearing brass ring may help to absorb brass (copper and zinc) which affect health in positive way.

Its been said wearing brass can boost your metabolism, and enhance absorption and transportation of iron to the body along with assisting in melanin production in the skin. Brass has also been associated with alleviate the pain of arthritis as well.

Brass has shine like gold but it may loose it’s shine when wearer wear it regularly, however it is super easy to clean. Simply clean the brass jewellery with acidic solution such as lemon juice or vinegar.