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SIRENA is a very special collection inspired by Divine Goddesses of the Sea. These ocean treasures are all designed with love and intention to bring the wearer the vibration from the Goddess it was inspired by. This can consist of qualities such as attracting love, romance and fertility channeling the Goddess Aphrodite. With the Goddess Mazu bringing love and protection for travellers and the adventurous. 

The designer Victoria Patchell has drawn and sculpted Mermaids from the age of 5 years old. This collection is some of her most precious life's work. Infused with much love and salty daydreams from around the world on her travels surfing and freediving.

With this collection it is Victoria's intention to spread more love into the world and connect the wearers to the Goddess within. Mermaids have always been one of her favourite archetypes as they are strong and brave while being extraordinarily feminine at the same time. If you look in detail each Mermaid has a secret love heart joining the scales to the tale to assist the wearer to come from there heart centre in all they do.