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Qualities of Ametrine 

Ametrine is a unique gemstone. The stone comes from two minerals being mixed together, being amethyst and citrine. Ametrine has only been found and the Anahi in Bolivia and this is the only known source worldwide. Its holistic properties are many as it is the combination of these two incredible minerals. 

Its said ametrine helps you maintain emotional self-control, helping you evaluate and work through emotional situations in an optimistic manner. It's a stone that helps you in staying true to yourself and not being easily swayed by other people. 

Amertine promotes inner strength and harmony. Helping us deal with emotional instability and stress; as well as its Yin and Yang energies, bringing balance to the mind and body. This beautiful stone also inspires creativity and vitality. 

An Ametrine gemstone is great for manifesting as the qualities of amethyst can help you think up wonderful ideas, and the power of citrine assist to manifest them into reality. 

This beautiful crystal with its purple and amber hues can help you make your dreams a reality.