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'Blush' our Rose Gold Collection is inspired by 1920's glamour meets modern day beach girl. The 1920's was an era where woman adorned themselves in precious gemstones and rose gold, this was also the time women where given the right to vote. We are excited to bring you a collection that celebrates this era as it was a time that celebrated raw femininity and the rising of womens voice and power. 

This romantic, soft pink hue of the rose gold is the perfect accompaniment to the aqua aura quartz crystal that is also made with cold.

Rose gold contains the alloy copper, which gives it is soft, blush tone. Our pieces are made with the highest grade 18 karat rose gold which is dipped on top of 925 sterling silver.

We proudly product tested our rose gold pieces for 1 year and can assure you from our experience we have had no issues with the rose gold rubbing off. Our rose gold ocean treasures remain true.