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Mermaid Collective

Talk to Strangers Pendant


One of our most favourite creations so far. The Talk to Strangers Pendant made with very precious and rare raw blue topaz and wild salt water pearl is a unique yet timeless piece which can be worn on all occasions from the beach to the red carpet. 

The blue topaz is reminiscent of sea glass and with one glance teleports you to the blue hues and wild energy of the ocean.  

Set in a gorgeous sterling silver hammered band with Mermaid inscribed on the inside of the band. 

We have named it the talk to strangers ring for good reason. The properties of this precious stone are said to attract people into your reality that will assist you on your life’s journey and souls purpose. 

Blue Topaz is also knows as the Jewel of Love and Loyalty. This gem represents eternal romance and friendship and symbolises honesty, clarity of feelings, and deep emotional attachment.
The design is coupled with wild pearl, and the two together prove to be a magical combination. 
Pearls represent the divine feminine and are Moon and Water ruled stones. They are known to enhance truth and loyalty. They are also associated with wound healing and relieve anxiety and tension. It is also said pearls have a positive effect on people who are inclined to hold in their emotions and assist in soothing and inspiring flow.
* please note each stone and pearl is unique and handpicked with lots of love therefore no two rings are the same. 

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