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Migaloo Quartz

This elegant and timeless collection is inspired by the rare and special white whale ‘Migaloo’. This collection is a reminder to all that wear it that it’s in our differences that make us special. Life is about celebrating your unique features and spreading your magic, what ever it may be.

We selected Clear Quartz Crystal to accompany the Migaloo tail due to its holistic properties. 

Clear Quartz is known to absorb, store and release energy. It draws off negative energy of all kinds and offers protection to the wearer. 

Clear Quartz is great for enhancing mental clarity and help with emotional stability and intuition. It’s a great crystal for connecting to your truth and providing more focus and clarity around a desire. 

These unique and special made with hammered style for the earring and ring feature AAA Clear Quartz charm. Migaloos whale tail is a gorgeous addition to bring oceanic elegance to these timeless treasures.

All designs are made with lots of love and the highest grade 925 sterling silver.