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Mermaid Collective

Tiger Shark Tooth Pendant

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This incredible Tiger Shark Tooth Pendant has been hand casted to exact proportions from a real Tiger Shark Tooth that was recovered from unethical fishing practices. 

Not only is this piece extraordinarily detailed and handmade with 925 sterling silver, but it also holds great power and meaning.

Tiger shark teeth have long been a symbol of strength and manhood across many ancient island cultures. We decided to cast this piece in silver rather than using the real thing as this is more ethical and better for shark conservation.

Throughout the middle ages and into modern-day sailors and surfers have worn sharks teeth for good luck and protection from the ocean. They are coveted as a totem of safety and strength and connect the wearer with the shark animal totem. 

*please note no sharks teeth are in this creation. Simply a casting of one. 


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