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Cinta Hui

This very special collection is called Cinta Hui which means 'love sharks' in Indonesian. These unique pieces have been made in collaboration with Madison Stewart and 50% of the profits go towards 'Project Hui' Madisons not for profit that re-purposes shark fisherman for marine conservation. 

These incredible pieces have been hand cast from a real shark's teeth that have been recovered from un-ethical fishing practices.  Featuring a Tiger Sharks Tooth that Maddy found herself from the processing floor. 

All of these unique creations have been handmade with the highest grade 925 sterling silver and suitable for both watermen and woman. 

Madison Stewart first started her journey in conservation and sharks at the age of 12 when she has noticed a drastic decrease in shark populations. From then she decided to dedicate her life to the preservation and protection of sharks and has been working tirelessly as an activist ever since.

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