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Mermaid Collective

Heart of the Sea Ring

Named ‘Heart of the Sea’ as each ring has been created by perfectly matching an Aqua Aura Crystal and Wild Pearl to make a love heart ❤️.
This ring is limited edition as it is very rare to find Aqua Aura in this size and quality, just like true love I suppose 🤔. The rings setting is handmade with a hammered effect with 925 sterling silver. 
The concept of this ring is the balance of giving and receiving love. Made with Aqua Aura Crystal as it is one of the most powerful crystals to project and protect and coupled with Wild Pearl which holds a very healing, loving and nurturing energy. 
The idea is when you feel you would like to project love wear to face the heart outward and if you would like to receive love face the heart inward. 
The Aqua Aura Crystal is very precious being made from Clear Quartz and infused with vaporized gold. Aqua Aura is said to attract wealth and success and aids in spiritual growth. The crystal has strong healing powers and assists to cleanse and heal the auric field. By wearing the crystal it brings vitality and strength and stimulates the immune system. 
Wearing pearl is known to connect you to the Goddess within, charging feminine energy and making you more alluring to the opposite sex. Enhancing confidence, self worth and even fertility. Pearls are known to assist in calming and centering the human body. Relieving bloating, aiding digestion, enhancing immune system & promoting radiant skin.

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