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Queen of the Tide Necklace


This spectacular necklace transforms whosever neck it adorns into an Oceanic Queen.  Handmade with the highest grade Larimar, ethically sourced and colour matched seashells along with 925 sterling silver castings of Aylian the seahorse and resilience sea-star. 

This stunning necklace is what Mermaid dreams are made from and will be treasured forever. It is the most detailed and elaborate creation and can be dressed up or down. It would be the perfect addition to a beach set bridal party too. 

This very special necklace is made with Larimar, a magical stone that features the incredible blue shades of the Caribbean waters it was born. Some say by wearing it you tap into the mythical ancient society of Atlantis. Also known as the Dolphin stone this piece is said to promote relaxation, calm and open your heart. Larimar’s connection with the element of water, assists in us processing our emotions and standing in the best version of ourselves. This stone delicately promotes love energy and calls in your soul mate. The stones calming energy also can also help recognise when emotions have no positive effect and they are better off to be let go. Therefore extinguishing the fires of anger and other non serving emotions.  

Seashells are the crystals of the sea, connected to the water element and develops the living qualities of water in a wearer. Wearing seashells assist in promoting health and happiness. It enlightens the wearer to parts of the self that are hiding in the subconscious mind or realm. Shells have the ability to tap the universal love source. Like a protective mother, seashell proves to be a protective stone which will safeguard the wearer from negative energies. 

These gorgeous necklaces are all slightly unique and each seashell and Larimar stone is handpicked with love. 

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