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Mermaid Collective

Goddess Larimar Pendant Large


This beautiful pendant is a timeless piece that will be treasured forever.

Its the same double bezel design as the original Goddess Pendant however the stone is a bit larger.

This is an elegant and full power Larimar statement piece. 

Each stone is handpicked with lots of love and set in a double bezel to frame its natural beauty.

Larimar is a magical stone that features the incredible blue shades of the Caribbean waters it was born. Some say by wearing it you tap into the mythical ancient society of Atlantis. Also known as the Dolphin stone this piece is said to promote relaxation, calm and open your heart. Larimar’s connection with the element of water, assists in us processing our emotions and standing in the best version of ourselves. This stone delicately promotes love energy and calls in your soul mate. The stones calming energy also can also help recognize when emotions have no positive effect and they are better off to be let go. Therefore extinguishing the fires of anger and other non serving emotions.

This is a piece to be cherished forever. 

*please note size and shape are all unique and slightly vary as depicted in the images. 

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