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True Love Earrings


Meet Seahorse Aylian and his life long lover Penelope. They are the starring couple of our collection ‘Alyian, Prince of the Sea’ 💗. It’s all about love, turquoise and clams. These materials have not been chosen by accident. As seahorses mate for life they represent eternal love. The clams have two shells and throughout history have been thought to symbolize union between man and woman. Finally accompanied by the turquoise, this is a stone of good luck with friendship and love. So not only are these earrings incredibly beautiful they are totems for true love and connection with your soul mate.

P.S- can you notice the detail between the Alyian and Penelope? Alyian (the male) has the pot belly as he carries the babies and Penelope is longer and more slender. Just like nature.

Made with love, 925 sterling silver, Tibetan Turquoise and ethically sourced fan clams these earrings are a dream come true.

*please note the fan clams and turquoise stones are all unique so may appear slightly different to the picture. However rest assured we have hand picked each set so they are all gorgeous.  




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