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Mermaid Collective

Angourie Wave Bracelet


This very special hand made wave bracelet is made with lots of love and high quality sterling silver. Named after one of Australia’s most mystical surfing locations, Angourie just south of Byron Bay, Australia.

The gorgeous ocean inspired bracelet design has been hand hammered to offer a unique ripple effect (just like the ocean) and is finished with our trademark love heart and Mermaid Tail motif on the ends of the bracelet. 

The bracelet is flexible, comfortable and can fit an array of sizes and matches perfectly with our Lennox Point Wave Ring. 

This design ‘Angourie’ is named after one of Victoria’s (the designer and founder of Mermaid Collectives) favourite places to surf and spend time. According to her ‘Angourie is a very powerful place not only offering an incredible right hand point break with fun waves to surf it’s land holds a very powerful and inspiring energy. Whenever I come here I am filled with so much inspiration and gratitude for the wild ocean. Daydreaming here makes me feel anything is possible, conjuring many of my favourite designs. The ocean here is teaming with life and surfing with dolphins and schools of fish is an everyday occurrence.’

Historically Angourie has which had been called ‘Surfing Nirvana’  and on the bucket list for many travelling surfers. It’s also an important meeting spot for many generations of the local Aboriginal Tribe the ‘Yaegl’ people.

Victoria intends in the creation of this bracelet the wearer harness this inspiring and powerful energy of Angourie and the bracelet to bring flow and inspiration to the wearers daydreams. 

‘So daydream big your true hearts desire and remember thoughts turn to things.’ - Victoria 

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