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Mermaid Collective

Jemmita Aqua Aura Pendant

This magical pendant is a treasure to be coveted through the ages. Made with the highest AAA grade aqua aura and 925 sterling silver. 

The Aqua Aura Crystal is very precious being made from Clear Quartz and infused with vaporized gold. Aqua Aura is said to 
attract wealth and success and aids in spiritual growth. The crystal has strong healing powers and assists to cleanse and heal the auric field. By wearing the crystal it brings vitality and strength and stimulates the immune system. 

It is thought aqua aura is one of the stones to raise the vibration of humanity. 

Aqua Aura is called a success stone and abundance stone. It is said to attract success to all who use or carry it. 

The pendant can be worn for any occasion and even utilized as a pendulum or to sit upon your alter. 

*please note chains sold separately 

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