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Ocean Goddess Locket 18 Karat Gold (Without Chain)


This incredible and timeless locket is in honour of Bunda Ratu. This mystical ocean Goddess is famous in Balinese culture for her beauty, power and love of the colour green. Hand drawn and designed with love by our founder. Victoria channeled Bunda Ratu and created this design steeped with power and meaning. 

Bunda Ratu is blowing a conch shell which is said to purify and cleanse the environment of all evil effects. Above her is the Pleiades star constellation and she has the famous left hand surf break of Uluwatu breaking in the background. 

This locket holds the energy to cleanse and purify fears while promoting trust and courage to operate from the heart and reach your highest potential. 

Made with lots of love, intention and the highest quality 18 karat gold plated. Each detail of this creation is incredibly thought out including a unique clam shaped bezel and subtle heart inside the locket.

The locket is fully functioning and you can place a picture of a loved one or an affirmation of quote inside. 

This is a piece that will be a treasured family heirloom. 

The locket comes with our Neptune Box chain 50cm length, which is 3 way adjustable and made with lots of love and 18 karat gold plated. 

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