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Mermaid Collective

Magneto Raw Blue Topaz Ring


This is one of our favourite creations to date and has been a sell out before it was even released! Made with very precious and rare raw blue topaz this design is elegant and perfect for a simple yet unique design. 

The blue topaz is reminiscent of sea glass and with one glance teleports you to the blue hues and wild energy of the ocean. It pairs very well with Aqua Aura Crystal too. 

Set in a gorgeous sterling silver hammered band with Mermaid inscribed on the inside of the band. 

We have named it 'magneto' as you are magnetic to those around you when adorning this magical stone. The properties of blue topaz are said to attract people into your reality that will assist you on your life’s journey and souls purpose. 

Blue Topaz is also known as the 'Jewel of Love and Loyalty'. This gem represents eternal romance, friendship and symbolises honesty, clarity and soul contracts with another. 

*the raw and beautiful blue topaz gemstones are all unique. As a raw stone they hold stronger holistic qualities than gemstones that have been cut to shape. They are to be loved as they are, just like you. 

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