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Leah Aqua Aura Mermaid Ring


Each limited edition Aqua Aura Leah Mermaid Ring is a one of a kind! As each crystal exists in its natural wild shape and completely unique, which makes this gorgeous piece even more special. In fact this is a philosophy of ours at Mermaid Collective. We feel stones and crystals are like people and best embraced in their raw and wild form as apposed to being imposed to a certain shape.

Made with lots of love, Aqua Aura Crystal and 925 sterling silver this design was first dreamt up by Victoria Mermaid while she was on a free diving expedition and reached her deepest dive of 29 metres. Sketched on the beach the Mermaid Tail design features our trademark love heart where the scales meet the tail. The design is perfectly streamlined and comfortable for daily wear.

The Aqua Aura Crystal is one of the most expensive and precious crystals in the world! Being made from Clear Quartz and infused with vaporised gold. It is said approximately only 1 crystal out of 3 survive this process and the remainder explode. According to the alchemist only the strongest crystals with the most integrity survive. Therefore this crystal is not only beautiful, it is strong and powerful and reminiscent of the ocean in every way.

Holistically Aqua Aura is said to attract wealth and success and aids in spiritual growth. The crystal has strong healing powers and assists to cleanse and heal the auric field. By wearing the crystal it brings vitality and strength and stimulates the immune system. It's a crystal that is great for empaths and individuals that socialise or have contact with many people in their personal and/or professional life. The crystal strengthens their auric field providing energetic protection. Victoria Mermaid loves to wear aqua aura when heading out and about and especially to occasions such as music festivals where you are exposed to many people. 

This is a limited edition piece as the aqua aura crystal is extremely rare in this smaller size. 

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