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Mermaid Collective

Carmen Scallop Pendant Rose Gold

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The Carmen Scallop Pendant in Rose Gold, is our first ever rose gold pendant we have created. 

Set eloquently with the rose gold and hand selected ethical scallop shells this gorgeous piece frames the natural shape and colours of the scallop shell with sterling silver plated rose gold. 

The Carmen Collection is strongly linked to its latin routes as is the mysteries of the scallop shell.

The shell is symbol of prosperity, love and features across several famous sea deities. Traditionally the scallop shell was worn to indicate completion of a pilgrimage to the shrine of Saint James in Spain, originally the shrine of the Goddess Bridgette, the Celtic version of Aphrodite. This enchanted shell is also associated with the Goddess Venus, as in folklore she was carried to shore on a scallop shell. This stunning shell represents beauty, good fortune and is one of our favourite totems of Mermaids and Sea Deities alike. 

This piece is perfectly paired with our matching earrings and also rose gold aqua aura bracelet. 

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