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Atargatis Mermaid Pendant

Mermaid Collective

Atargatis Mermaid Pendant

This very special pendant is designed to represent the Goddess Atargatis. Being the first mermaid in history she was worshipped 4000-3000 years ago in ancient Assyria and later on all over the Mediterranean and lies at the core of Mermaid legend. 
She is the goddess of transformation who guides her followers to face their fears and their darkest selves so that they can love and appreciate all that they are.
As goddess of the moon, water and emotions Atargatis went through a transformation because of a broken heart. She is here to remind us strength resides in tribulation. 
Atargatis was known too have waves in her hair and and you will see this incredible detail in her carving along with our trademark love heart in her tail. Made with lots of love, 925 sterling silver and initially drawn by Victoria on the cliff tops of a remote island in the Indian Ocean. 

You can wear this pendant on its own or accompany another piece such as a crystal or gemstone. 

This ocean goddess is 35mm tall. 

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