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Mermaid Collective

Elyion Seahorse Pendant

This unique and intricate 925 Sterling Silver piece was inspired by a Seahorse the Mermaid Collective founder Victoria rescued on a beach in Costa Rica. Victoria was on her way for a morning surf in Santa Teresa when the exhausted Seahorse tickled her ankles as she stood on the shoreline checking the very large surf conditions. The brave and beautiful creature had been washed into shore with the enormous waves. With much care and tenderness Victoria picked up the Seahorse naming it 'Elyion Prince of the Sea', and he wrapped his tail around her pinky finger. With all her energy she swam out beyond the breakers giving Elyion healing touch along the way until they had reached the safety of the deep ocean away from the large breaking waves. Victoria tread water for 20 or so minutes in the depths with the Seahorse delicately resting on her palm, Elyion finally then swam away and continued on his journey. For the full story check out the Mermaid Collective blog.

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