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Sirona Aqua Aura Bracelet

$120.00 $240.00
*Sale items are from display and have slight wear from mermaid adventures.

Named after Sirona a Celtic Goddess who is honored as a deity of healing and vitality with the element of water. This gorgeous piece is made from 
Aqua Aura Crystal, love and sterling silver in an elegant and simple setting featuring an abstract wave, heart and Mermaid Tail. 
The Aqua Aura Crystal is very precious being made from Clear Quartz and infused with vaporized gold. Aqua Aura is said to attract wealth and success and aids in spiritual growth. The crystal has strong healing powers and assists to cleanse and heal the auric field. By wearing the crystal it brings vitality and strength and stimulates the immune system. 
The bracelet came be worn either way and moved up the arm. 

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